About This Project

From time to time, as funds may be available, DFL drills a charity borehole for a community. One of the charity boreholes drilled is in a village called Yulambu, on the ends of Kitui district.

This borehole was drilled sometime in 2012 and is one of the most inspiring projects undertaken. Reason being that often when a borehole is drilled and immediate pump installation is not possible, the community will simply sit back and await such a time as sufficient funds would be raised to install the pump. Not this community! With the leadership of Joseph Mutua, on whom the project is entrusted, the community improvised a tin pump with which they use to draw water from the borehole as they await a real pump.

This borehole serves about 300 people who fetch upto 80 20ltrs jerrycans per day averaging 1,600ltrs per day but can serve even 1,000 people with a yield of 1,000ltrs/per hour on installation of a pump. This is definitely a community that knows the value of a borehole and we look forward to installing a pump for them as soon as enough funds are raised. Do contact us if you would want to support this project?